SQ LS-820 Landline Dual Sim Gsm Desktop Phone

UGX 100,000


  • GSM Voice call function
  • Supports Phonebook(200 entries) and Call Records.
  • Supports handle or hands-free calls(Optional).
  • Supports for six (6) user-defined speed dial keys.
  • Supports Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Holding, Three-way calling, Emergency call services.
  • Supports sending and receiving of SMS.
  • Supports FM Radio


  • LS820 LandLine Phone
  • Charger
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UGX 100,000

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Product Description

Dual sim Phone. With this phone, you can put it in office or at home with two sim cards that allow for flexibilty when making calls since each user calls on their preferred service provider of choice.

Memory card slot. This feature allows for;-

  • Phone call recording: 

With the memory card inserted in the phone, the phone can be used as an answering machine hence making sure that the business doesn’t miss on the communications by clients

  • Changing ringtones:

You can load a memory card with some songs that can be used as ringtones to kill the boredom of using the same old ringtones and to quickly identify the phone that is ringing.

Wireless radio. This phone has an inbuilt antenna for radio reception, you don’t need earphones to listen to radio with this phone. This will help you kill the boredom in office and keep you updated on current affairs in the country.

SMS feature. This phone has an SMS feature that can enable one shorten communication in case the client has no calling bundles to make calls, they can still reach you on SMS. Communication made easy at all ends.

Long battery Life. With it’s battery, the phone can go for about 7 days without being recharged hence communication guaranteed even without electricty for a long time.

Voice broadcast. This feature enables a business to send multiple voice recorded messages to multiple numbers at once, this is a handy tool when commucating to different stakeholders or business partners.

Dedicated sim call selection. This phone has a dedicated key to make a phone call with a specified sim card (whether sim one or sim two) hence no mix up of using up airtime of a certain sim card calling across networks.

Easy to use. This phone is so easy to use with easy to use navigation keys and selection mechanisms.

Wide display. And with a wide enough display, you can easily see what you are doing on the phone at all angles of the phone

Smartphone charger. This phone uses a smartphone charger hence you don’t need to be worried about the charger being hard to replace once it gets damaged.

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