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When it comes to Phones and all their Accessories, Galilaya plaza located in the heart of the Capital city is the home of all Sub-dealers of various phone brands and accessories. From button(feature) phones to Smartphones of different Specifications, from Tiny accessories like memory cards to music systems, Galilaya plaza has it all. The Phone Brands include Apple, Tecno,  Itel, Infinix, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Huawei, Discover, SIMI, Xiaomi, Oppo, Hisense, and many more and the Accessories brands include among others Oraimo, Excellent, Amaya, Golf, Al deepo, Pure, Samsung, Apple, JBL and many many more.
So Galilaya Online brings you all those products  from different sub dealers at wholesale Prices that you wont find anywhere, Doesn’t matter whether you retailer or Wholesaler this platform got you covered. Browse through the different offers, choose your choice and we will deliver to you at your own convenience anywhere in Uganda  at  no cost within Kampala and at a very little cost outside the metropolitan Area
Products To Buy on Galilaya Online.
Smart Phones; All trendy phones in all sizes and brands are available.
Accessories; From small gadgets like memory cards to humongous ones like audio systems .
Feature/Button Phones; from phones made from outside countries to the ones made in uganda in morethan 50 brands can be obtained from Galilaya Online.
Games And their Accessories; Consoles in Playstation, X box, name them plus their corresponding add-ons are Available.